Reimagining American Community

italystreetsceneSlow food, check. Next up: how about slow cities?  This movement also (natch) started in Italy, but Planetizen sees it as spreading to the US. Hopefully, not too slowly.  After all, we wouldn’t want Ed Glaeser to have time to come out with a book against it.

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Born and raised on Manhattan, a small island in the Atlantic, Susannah Black received a degree from Amherst College and another one from Boston University. She has written for The Distributist Review, Front Porch Republic, Amherst Magazine, The L Magazine, and (in her young and foolish libertarian days) National Review. Having moved back to the New York area, she is now taking her stand in Central Queens, helping to run a sort of boarding facility/rental commune/household for her relatives and friends out of her great-grandparents’ big old house. She is also obsessed with tall ships and in the summers can be found helping to sail a schooner in New York Harbor. She blogs at