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Coming This Month From Solidarity Hall Publishing!

cover2Somehow ‘radical’ has come to mean the exact opposite of what it actually means. To be radical is to be rooted, not to be hiving off into deep space in pursuit of some crazy dream unconnected to all that has gone before. To be radically Catholic in the Age of Francis is, therefore, to be rooted in the whole of the Catholic tradition. That is emphatically what Francis is and, O glory hallelujah, it is what this collection of hope-inspiring essays from a group of deeply committed Catholics is as well. It is so heartening to see Catholics who put the Tradition first and refuse to cannibalize it in the service of any of our insane ideologies. May their tribe increase!” – Mark Shea, author, By What Authority: An Evangelical Discovers Catholic Tradition

Radically Catholic In the Age of Francis will be available from later this month.