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Sam Rocha visits the Soap Box to answer questions about his somewhat–shall we say, “heterodox?”–review of the popular Christian film “God’s Not Dead” which goes beyond critique of a single film and offers some timely reflections on an entire genre and, in fact, an entire culture. Rocha says, frankly, that the problem is not that the message presented is a superficial version of Christianity, but that it is in his view not even Christian. But don’t make the mistake of writing off Rocha as a grouch. He offers a searing critique of Christian filmmaking, but has produced a much larger body of positive work through his other writings and his musical work here and here. Do give them a look, and stay tuned for more from this guy.

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About the guest:

Sam Rocha is assistant professor of philosophy of education at the University of British Columbia, a blogger at the Patheos Catholic channel, and a soul musician. His debut LP is an Augustinian soul album titled, Late to Love.

About the Author
Daniel Schwindt is Editor-in-chief at Solidarity Hall. He hails from the plains of central Kansas, a cultural navel of the world, and from there hurls his literary lighting bolts far and wide. His writings include Letter to my Generation: On Identity, Direction, and Disbelief, The Pursuit of Sanity, and Holocaust of the Childlike.