Reimagining American Community

This week we roped in Mark Shea, a well-known Catholic author whose work appears both in print and online in places such as the National Catholic Register and Patheos. In this particular interview we cover quite a bit of ground, from Mark’s personal attitude toward evangelism to the Gospel attitude toward poverty to what it means to be Pro-Life and not just Anti-Abortion. We ran a bit long on this one, so it’ll be coming to you in two parts: one this week and one next week.

Watch part one below:

About the Author
Daniel Schwindt is Editor-in-chief at Solidarity Hall. He hails from the plains of central Kansas, a cultural navel of the world, and from there hurls his literary lighting bolts far and wide. His writings include Letter to my Generation: On Identity, Direction, and Disbelief, The Pursuit of Sanity, and Holocaust of the Childlike.