Reimagining American Community

Welcome to the first installment in a new project here at Solidarity Hall called the “Soap Box.”

To start things off, we invited Elizabeth Stoker-Bruenig in to tell us about her work, and to describe her somewhat enigmatic position as a woman of the “Left” who writes for publications like The American Conservative; who has solid pro-woman ideas that contemporary feminists would envy, while adhering to an orthodox Catholicism that would make them cringe. In this sense, she shares the political homelessness that increasingly plagues her generation, with one possible difference: she thrives in it!

Watch the interview below:

About the guest:

Elizabeth Stoker-Bruenig is working toward her PhD in religion and politics at Brown University. She has an MPhil in Christian Theology from the University of Cambridge. She has written for such publications as The Atlantic, The American Conservative, The Week, Salon, and Ethika Politika. When she isn’t reading Augustine, she is working in her garden.

About the Author
Daniel Schwindt is Editor-in-chief at Solidarity Hall. He hails from the plains of central Kansas, a cultural navel of the world, and from there hurls his literary lighting bolts far and wide. His writings include Letter to my Generation: On Identity, Direction, and Disbelief, The Pursuit of Sanity, and Holocaust of the Childlike.