Reimagining American Community

Solidarity Hall is going places.

For two years or so, our writers and editors have been posting and publishing on the roots of community and the sources of community renewal, drawing on the inspiration of several tribal elders in this area: G.K. Chesterton, Jane Jacobs, E.F. Schumacher, Dorothy Day, Ivan Illich, Wendell Berry. (We call them our “presiding spirits.”)

Thus we’ve been a kind of oasis for people searching for the intersection of traditional wisdom and the New Economy. And now we’re moving toward something bigger.

We’ve launched Solidarity Hall Press, a program to publish in both e-book and print versions, beginning with:

Radically Catholic in the Age of Francis

Edited by Daniel Schwindt, this collection of personal essays gives a glimpse into the hopes and expectations of some two dozen men and women — not all Catholics — attempting to live in a more radically Catholic fashion, partly inspired by the teachings and example of Pope Francis and his predecessors. The contributing writers are Nicholas Lund-Molfese, C.C. Pecknold, Michael Stafford, Andrew M. Haines, Mark Gordon, Sam Rocha, Audrey Anweiler, Arthur W. Hunt III, Grace Potts, Matthew Cooper, Ricardo Simmonds, Michel Bauwens, Anthony Annett, MT Dávila, Thomas Storck, Patrick Deneen, Jack Quirk, John Médaille, Heather King, Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig, Matthew Tan, Michael Sauter, Julia Smucker, and Paul Grenier.

Solidarity Hall publisher Elias Crim supplies an introduction, and editor Daniel Schwindt an epilogue.

Dorothy Day and the Church: Past, Present and Future

From the introduction by Lance Richey: “The University of Saint Francis and Our Sunday Visitor sponsored the conference ‘Dorothy Day and the Church: Past, Present and Future’ in Fort Wayne on May 13–15, 2015. In planning it, we kept in mind (not without some trepidation) Dorothy’s own complaint on academic conferences in her April 1966 On Pilgrimage column: ‘That is the trouble with such conferences. There are too many workshops, too many meetings, so many speakers, making the sessions too long.’ The enthusiastic response we received to our announcement threatened to make her warning only too prescient. More than 120 attendees, scholars and workers, gathered together to celebrate both her remarkable life and enduring legacy for the Church. This volume gathers together most of the papers and homilies given at this conference, offering a breadth and depth of material which will benefit both casual and scholarly readers, and both students and practitioners of her experiment in gospel living.”

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