Reimagining American Community

greenhorsnNow that we’re running the occasional diary of greenhorn (well, not quite) farmer Nick Lund-Molfese, we should also take note of groups such as Greenhorns, a land-based non-profit that recruits and supports young farmers. Their funky website includes a link to the trailer for their documentary video. They also run a blog, a podcast and are affiliated with a hip tech community called FarmHack (“for those who embrace the long-standing farm traditions of tinkering, inventing, fabricating, tweaking, and improving things that break”).

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A native Texan, Elias spent several good years studying classics and medieval Italian at UC Berkeley before wasting several more years in financial journalism around Chicago. He has written for Strong Towns, the American Scholar, the New Urbs blog, and the Gary Catholic Worker and is the co-author of a textbook on character education. He briefly published something called The Armchair Historian. None of his three teenage daughters display an interest in the Greek and Latin classics thus far. He and his family reside in leafy Valparaiso IN.