Reimagining American Community

Solidarity Hall is looking for contributors in each of our major topics areas (as per the top tabs on our homepage): Community, Good Work, Garden Party.

Please review our site’s content generally before submitting an editorial query in order to improve your piece’s chances of publication.

Note also: we are not a site about politics in the usual sense. We are less interested in Washington DC than in Port Washington, Wisconsin, for example.

Nor are we a site about religion in any but the broadest sense. Most but not all of our contributors could be called faith-based.

In this thinkerspace, what we are looking for is fresh thinking and fresh writing, free from jargon, cant, ad hominem attacks and hysterical rants of all kinds.

Our longer pieces (basically articles) typically run no more than about 1,500 words. Our shorter pieces (posts) can be as short as 100 words or so (for our House Blog, usually).

Everybody you see here is, for the moment, a pro bono effort, so contributors currently are working for such glory as we can cast upon them. We have hopes that contributors will be moved from the category of volunteers to that of paid freelancers at some future date.

Please send all editorial queries to Daniel Schwindt, editor-in-chief, at